4 Signs You’re Ready to Ditch Your Day Job and Rock Your Blog Full-time

4 Signs You're Ready to Ditch Your Day

It’s a big leap, right?

Jumping from the security of a regular pay cheque (I’m Canadian, just go with it ;)) to blogging full-time and relying on your blog to bring in the dough.

That’s what my reader Kellie-Ann was curious about. She asked, “When should you quit your day job?”

And in today’s video I’m sharing 4 key things that you want to think about before you ditch your day job and go full-on blogger.

You see, it’s smart to not just dive in head first without a plan.

You wanna make sure you’ve thought about these 4 keys things first. Check ’em out…

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How to Wow Influencers & Get Them to Promote You

Get influencers to notice you.001

Do you ever look at the top bloggers and think, “If I could just get them to notice me then I’d have a shot at actually making this blogging thing work!”?

You think that once you become business friends with the influencers in your niche, and they start promoting your stuff, other people will take notice and you’ll become famous.

And you’re not wrong.

Rubbing elbows with the head honchos of major blogs is a smart marketing strategy.

It can help you get ahead.

The problem is that these people seem to be untouchable.

There are so many others – just like you – clawing for their attention that it’s practically impossible to get noticed – unless you know what you’re doing.

And I happen to have a strategy that works really, really well.

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This is How Many Subscribers You Really Need to Make $5,000 Next Month

List Size.001

“How many subscribers does it really take to make money with a blog?”

“Does list size really matter?”

“I have a tiny list, should I start selling something now or wait until it’s bigger?”

The email list.

It’s this gloriously stressful “must-have” that all bloggers, entrepreneurs, and anyone with an online business has heard is a really big deal.

But how much does it really matter?

What size does it need to be to make the money you want to make?

Well roll your sleeves up and grab a cup-a-tea because today we’re getting all down and nerdy with some real numbers.

I’m going to show you exactly how many subscribers you’d need to make $5,000 next month.

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7 Reasons Offering Freebies Gets You Into Trouble

Top of Blog Images - Keynote.001

You feel a sense of responsibility to actually help people.

Really, without-a-shadow-of-a-doubt help them.

But you also don’t want to give away the farm without seeing a penny in return.

So how do you figure out what to give away for free, versus what to charge some sort of price for?

That’s the question that one of my loyal blog readers, Leesa asked me.

She asked…

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A Shortcut to Leveraging Your Unique Voice

8 seconds.

That’s how much time you have before you lose someone’s attention and they leave your blog.

Recent research actually suggests that the average attention span of us humans is shorter than the attention span of a goldfish.

A goldfish!

And since you only have 8 seconds (or less) to capture someone’s eye and get them to stay on your blog, you can’t risk looking like just another coach writing about ___________ in the same way that everyone else does.

You need to separate yourself and stand out from the crowd.

This is where you figure out what your unique voice is.

This is also where many people get stuck.

Trying to uncover what makes you a special snowflake can feel ridiculously daunting.

You don’t have the time or money to spend dozens of hours and thousands of dollars uncovering your voice so you can leverage your uniqueness.

You need something quick and easy that you can actually use right away.

The good news?

I have just what you’re looking for, my friend!

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