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Was Jerry Maguire Wrong?

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Remember that part in the movie Jerry Maguire when Tom Cruise’s character is begging to get Renee Zellweger’s character back and he says, “You complete me.”?

Yeah, I cried too.

But guess what? After years of buying into it and believing that in order to be completely happy I needed to find “the one” I’ve realized that it’s all a bunch of BS!

Seriously! You were born with every single ounce of awesomeness that you would ever need. Why would you search for someone else to make you whole when you already are?

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How to Reach Your Goals When You Aren’t Motivated At All

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We all have those times where we just can’t seem to get going.

I’ve spent many a hour checking out cute baby/puppy/cat videos on YouTube convincing myself that I deserve this 3 1/2 hour break because I checked unimportant emails all morning (that contained even more cute baby/puppy/cat videos!).

Getting motivated can be really tough. But I have a step-by-step approach that helps you go out and get it done.

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How I Flossed Everyday for a Month & Why It’ll Help You Create Awesome Habits Too

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We all have those things we know we should do (like flossing).

It’s healthy, it’s worthwhile, it doesn’t take very long at all. However, for whatever reason we just can’t get around to doing it.

So I decided to try an experiment.

I wanted to see if I could go for one whole month where I would floss every single day. (Just to give you an idea of my starting point – before this month I would barely go three days without stopping!)

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The Number 1 Thing That Can Guarantee Your Success


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If there is one thing that I can use to my advantage to guarantee my clients are successful it would be this……drum roll please!…. Consistency!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Seriously, Jenna?! That is way too simple.” The ironic thing is that, yes, it is super simple…in theory. However, it is not so simple in practice.

If it was easy to remain consistent with your exercise and healthy eating habits, myself and the millions of other health experts around the world would be out of jobs.

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What To Do When You Hit Rock Bottom

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This weekend I hit rock bottom. I have been working feverously to rebrand myself, update my website, work on my business, work through two courses (one on nutrition and one on business) and I am trying to continue to enjoy some semblance of a social life.

Throughout the past month or so there were some little (and some big) signs. My husband, Adam (who is an accountant) bugging me that I am working harder than he does during tax season. Being exhausted but still pushing through because I just, “had to get it done”.  Getting a cold last week that, first off was surprising in and of itself because I don’t get sick very often anymore. Then, on top of that, it didn’t leave me in the usual day or two but lasted almost a week. And on, and on. But guess what I did? I ignored them all because I had to, “Get it done”.

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