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How to Blog Consistently (Without Feeling Like Your Blog is Holding You Hostage)


How long has it been since your last post?

A week?

Two weeks?

A month?


Don’t worry.

I’m not here to make you feel terrible about how much your blog resembles a ghost town these days – where a new post hasn’t been seen in ages.

It happens to all bloggers from time-to-time.

We don’t always feel inspired to write.

Maybe we have an inkling of an idea but it never gets very far. We write it down in a notebook – meaning to go back to it – but we get stuck, or we get distracted, and we don’t know how to get going again.

It’s not really writer’s block.

It’s more like motivation block.

You just don’t feel excited to write.

And that means that your blog sits empty. Lonely. Waiting for you to come back and write again.

So what’s a blogger like you to do when you want to write consistently – you really do – you’re just having a tough time with it?

After all, you know that blogging consistently is super important to your street cred. and business growth.

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The Truth About Succeeding in a Crowded Market (When There Are Thousands of Coaches Just Like You)

Stand Out.001

It’s a really tough question.

“How can I succeed in such a crowded market? There are so many other {insert “life”, “career”, “health”, “business”… in here} coaches out there. Will I be able to stand out?”

I’m not gonna lie.

It ain’t easy. But you can. It’s totally doable.

The secret is knowing how.

(Pretty obvious, right? Isn’t that always the secret?!)

And the good news is I have a super simple formula that I’m gonna share with you today that’ll help you figure it out.

Bye, bye comparing yourself to your competition and never measuring up, hello glorious success!

The key is that it’s all about a word that’s thrown around a lot in this online kingdom.

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Why “How to Deal With Overwhelm” Tricks Don’t Work (And What to Do Instead)


You’ve heard advice about how to deal with overwhelm a million times.

Things like…

Do a brain dump and write down everything you think of that you need to do so you get it all out there and then prioritize it.

Don’t multitask because you won’t be able to give anything 100%.

Shut down Facebook, and your email, and all your other distractions so you can focus.

Be realistic about what you can and can’t do and learn to say no.

The list goes on, and on.

But when you’re saying things like…

“I’m so all over the place. Where should I start?”

“I feel pulled in so many directions. What ideas should I focus on first? How should I spend my time?”

“I feel like a tornado spinning all over and causing destruction and accomplishing nothing. I feel scattered and overwhelmed.”

…It’s time to change things up so that you can actually tackle your overwhelm and get more subscribers, clients and help waaaaay more people.

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Will You Get More Sales With This Clever Blog Strategy?


Have you ever come up against the dreaded “Yeah, but”?

You know, when you suggest a blog reader, client, or friend do something to make their life more awesome and they say “Yeah, but…”

That’s usually code for “There’s no way I’m gonna do that right now and you can’t make me!” {Insert toddler-like arms crossing over the chest in here}.

And while some people are happy as a Who during Christmas to just stick to their excuses and never change, there are some people who are genuinely interested in changing.

They just feel like they don’t (or they actually don’t) have the time, money, desire, or some other something they need right now to actually make it work.

And that’s a big problem for you.

Because if people are giving you the “Yeah buts”, in the sales world they call that an objection and that means you’re now gonna have a tougher time getting the sale.

So, in order to help you flex your persuasive power (without being slimy), I’m gonna show you how you can use your blog to help your objection-full readers see things a little differently – and be that much more likely to buy from you.

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Got Copycats? Here’s How to Deal With ‘Em


It’s a total bummer, right?

You spend a ton of time creating something glorious only to find out that someone has taken your stuff – word-for-word – and is selling it to their audience as if they came up with it.


The thing is, if you’re sharing stuff online, chances are that at some point you’re going to find yourself having to deal with a copycat.

But as terrible as that sounds it’s not going to ruin you, or your business (unless you let it).

So whether you’re just starting out and you’re worried about someone copying your stuff at some point, or you already know that someone has passed off your hard work as their own, in today’s post I’m sharing how to deal with copycats.

Now before you read any further I need to make it extremely clear that I am not giving you legal advice. I am not a lawyer. I’ve never been a lawyer. Nor do their Matlock white pants suit wearing ways entice me to want to be a lawyer.

So if you’ve got some serious copyright infringement going on that needs to be professionally dealt with, it’s time to hire someone who actually is a lawyer (whether they wear a pants suit, or not.)

In the meantime, here are my thoughts on copycats…

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