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A lot of moms worry that they'll never feel like themselves again after having a baby. They feel stuck in a body that feels weak and foreign to them and they don't know what to do.

If you want to feel strong, confident and more like yourself again, then you're in the right place.

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    Jenna Dalton

    Certified Postpartum Fitness & Athleticism Coach, Master's in Counselling Psychology Graduate & Mom of Two

    Who am I?

    After I had my first baby, I wasn’t prepared for the postpartum experience I endured. I'd exercised regularly pre-pregnancy and I had what I thought was a "fit pregnancy". I figured I would bounce back quickly. I didn't. My body felt so weak and strange. I felt broken. I was worried I'd never feel like myself again.

    Not wanting to give up the workouts and active life I loved, I decided to do some research. I completed multiple postpartum fitness certifications, rebuilt my own strength post-pregnancy (twice), and have now helped over 3,000 women feel stronger and more capable in their postpartum bodies.

    You deserve the freedom to enjoy an active life you love (without worrying if your body can handle it). I'm here to help you get that freedom.

    What Others Are Saying...

    "After working with Jenna, I feel like myself again! Jenna is amazing! Everyone who has had a baby in the last decade can benefit from the knowledge she shares about your post-baby body and how to work out safely and efficiently."

    Ashley Christiansen, Nurse & Mom of Two

    “I’m able to do harder workout moves, lift heavier weights, do squats and deadlifts and feel like, “Yes! I can do this!” My core feels stronger and my butt seems to look better too! It’s amazing! I feel so proud of myself.”

    Heather Eitel, Mom of Five

    “I would definitely recommend Jenna to any moms who want to rebuild their core strength in order to get back into the activities they love to do safely. Jenna’s approach to health and fitness is so gentle, refreshing and positive. She focuses on making you feel strong, competent, and happy.”

    Alice Davis, Commercial Contracts Analyst & Mom of Two