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michael-port“When I met Jenna I knew that she would be a great Book Yourself Solid® Certified Coach because she has all the qualities of my top coaches.

Less than 3 months after she became certified I promoted her to Elite Level coach status because she showed the drive, determination and passion I look for in my Elite Level coaches.

Jenna is generous, sincere, and a big action-taker who isn’t afraid to dream big, and encourage her clients to do the same. I’m confident she can help you get as many clients as your heart desires.”

Michael Port, New York Times Bestselling Author and creator of Book Yourself Solid® |




kathy-0234“Working with Jenna is well worth the investment and then some!

Jenna was able to magically home in on who my ideal client is and, because of that, everything else fell more easily and cleanly in place.

I always feel a sense of comfort that she gets the coaching process and knows how to help me set up a practice that works both for me and for the kind of business I want to build.

I would absolutely recommend Jenna to anyone who is looking for clarity on who it is they long to serve and how to put this longing into words and action.”

Kathy Stowell, Coach |




Jessica Carr“Jenna’s highly focused on progress and dedicated to giving you what you need.

If you have any doubts about working with Jenna because you’ve been burned before by another coach or you’re not sure you’ll see the results you secretly dream of – stop doubting!

I have literally only had one private coaching session with Jenna and I feel lighter, more energized, clear and ready to take on my business with full force.

I have worked with coaches in the past and I always found myself at the end of the sessions feeling like, ” When are we really going to solve my problems and get to the really good stuff?!” But not with Jenna. She takes you down that path right from the start in a gentle, friendly, and reassuring manner.

She’s highly focused on progress and dedicated to giving you what you need so that you know by the end of your work with her your dream business will be a reality and that you will always have someone in your corner through your roller coaster ride to success.”

Jessica Carr, Dream Biz Decipheress |




HeatherKikel“I finally feel like I have someone in my corner who’s just as committed to my business’s success as I am.

Before working with Jenna, I felt lost, alone and confused over how to start my business. I had a ton of information, but no idea how to apply it. I felt exhausted and overwhelmed trying to figure things out on my own.

I wasn’t sure I could afford to hire a coach. But it became clear that I couldn’t afford to waste another day stuck in park, or moving forward with programs that I wasn’t confident would actually help me sell my offerings.

Jenna helped clear away the confusion and helped me focus on building a business that felt authentic to me. Not a day has gone by where I’ve felt lost or alone. She’s there every step of the way. Jenna’s always available to help me work through challenges or questions that come up which has kept me consistently moving forward.

The best thing about working with Jenna, is she’s helped me process through all the fear, doubt and indecision that has kept me stuck in the past.”

Heather Kikel, Relationship Success Coach |




patricia-web-150x150“I highly recommend Jenna as a teacher and a marketing resource!

Jenna’s workshop on writing was incredible! Her style is easy, helpful and flexible and will make writing easier for me than I was making it out to be.

My blog has plenty of entries from me but I lose interest in writing because of what I “thought” I had to do.

Her 4 step process and other tips on how to efficiently, quickly and, most importantly, effectively write to attract more clients were eye opening.

She helped me build my confidence in writing without hiring an editor who may or may not make my blog post better. She ROCKS!”

Patricia Weiland, Organizational Leadership and Performance Coach |




Dennisse.png“Jenna is the real deal. Literally. She’s smart, kind and business-savvy.

While working with her I realized that what helped me most (and what I love most about her) is her transparency. She lets you ask her ANY business questions that you have, and her answers are always honest. She even answers questions about her personal business- what’s worked for her and what hasn’t.

I notice that most entrepreneurs don’t do that. Jenna, on the other hand, lets you take a peek under her business hood. Most business coaches like to paint a ‘pretty picture’ of themselves and their business when in reality they struggled a whole lot in the beginning. Jenna keeps it real and that’s why I highly recommend her.

She’s excellent at pointing you in the right direction, that way you save time and money.”

Dennisse Lisseth, Business Strategist and Holistic Health Advocate |




Susancollage4.png“Jenna has a gift. She’s clearly figured out what she loves to do, and what she does best.

After going through Jenna’s Dream Clients, Dream Offerings Clarity program I feel more confident and I understand my dream client in a way I hadn’t before.

I’m now less frightened about messing things up, and I understand what I offer my clients – the result I provide – in a more tangible way.

The video lessons were sooo helpful – between them and the workbooks I feel so much clearer on who I want to work with and the result I help my clients get. And the live group coaching calls with Jenna were definitely the best part.

 I would definitely recommend this program to others.” 

Susan Seale, Life & Business Coach |




Daniel Jordi Head 2“Jenna’s passion for blogging and copywriting is mind-blowing.

She has the magical ability to come up with headlines that grab potential clients’ attention and guide people to write copy that turns a reader into an excited and loyal subscriber.”

Daniel Jordi, CEO & Founder Jordico |




Adria_professional_cropped“I’d recommend Jenna to any online entrepreneurs who are struggling to communicate their message or maybe aren’t quite sure what it even is.

Thanks to Jenna, I finally got clear on what specific clients I want to attract and, because of that, I’ve discovered what my signature program is. 

I’ve never worked with a coach before and I didn’t know what to expect. But, thanks to Jenna I was able to narrow down who my ideal clients are and get more specific. Before working with her, I didn’t even realize I was using broad language and trying to help everybody. Jenna helped me narrow in on the specific person I’m trying to help and she also helped me speak in their language.

Jenna’s laid back but very practical, organized and focused. She maximized our time and didn’t get off track. Thanks to her I’ve made important changes to my marketing and website copy.

I love that she followed up with me and sent me notes after our session and that she gave me a recording of our session together. She’s friendly and supportive but she knows how to get down to business.”

Adria DeCorte, BodyLove Wellness Coach & Speaker |




JohnFulwider“Jenna’s clear writing instruction unlocked for me a technique I used very successfully 20+ years ago to write newspaper stories.

I never imagined I could repeat this successful technique with copywriting—but I can, and I will, thanks to Jenna.”

John Fulwider, President, John Fulwider Coaching |




Johleen Wakefield“Jenna really cares about making a difference for her clients.

I would definitely recommend Jenna to ladies who feel like they are going around in circles and getting no where, ladies who know they have something they could really build if only they could get clear on how to start.

Thanks to Jenna I’m now totally clear on what service I can provide and my target market, and that’s just after one session! My path ahead now seems very easy and clear.

Before we started working together, I was concerned that we’d just go through similar exercises that I’ve already done to try to get clear on my ideal client and my niche. But actually, the way Jenna asked questions and made me think about what I can do was great. She really opened up doors for me and helped me see what area I can, and would love to work in and the kind of clients I’d love to work with.

I’d recommend her to anyone who wants confidence in knowing that they really can build a solid foundation in their business that will actually work for them, and that it will actually be pleasurable to build it.

I really appreciate how much Jenna follows up and cares about how I’m getting on even after our ‘paid’ session has been completed. I didn’t feel like I was just on a factory line of clients, I felt like she really cares about making a difference for her clients. Thank you, Jenna!”

Johleen Wakefield, Inner World Stylist |




JoAnne“Jenna helped me to simplify and go back to the basics of blogging.

In contrast to the overload of techniques, tactics, and tech recommendations in the content marketing world, Jenna was able to confidently outline the essentials of what is necessary to actually get started and keep going with success. (And she is a successful one, at that!) I’m grateful for her coaching!”

JoAnne Henein, Producer & Consultant | 




AshleySlaughter.png“Jenna has really changed my game!

I’d been struggling with figuring out who my ideal client was for quite a while now.

Not only has Jenna’s Dream Clients, Dream Offerings Clarity course given me so many ideas, but she’s lifted the block I formally had and now I can’t get these ideas to stop flowing.

I now feel absolutely inspired to work with my ideal client and target market. During the group coaching call, she helped me narrow down on a group that seemed so obvious for me to work with, but I was having a tough time seeing it without her help. Since that call, I’ve been brainstorming ideas like a mad woman!

Before her course, I would always hit a block when it came to brainstorming ideas of how I could serve others. I truly did need clarity before I was able to speak loud and clearly to potential clients. I was not very clear on who I wanted to serve or what I could truly offer them before working with Jenna.

Now I’ve figured out who I want to work with, and what I can offer them. I’ve even narrowed down places I could find my ideal clients. I’ve already created a survey for my ideal clients which I posted in those specific areas and have been receiving responses! Although I am a work in progress, the progress feels good and I’m super excited to see where this takes my business! 

I would absolutely recommend this to other coaches who need help figuring out who they want to work with and what they should offer their clients.”

Ashley Slaughter, Certified Life Coach |




Gary“I took one of Jenna’s blogging workshops and the way that she presented the material was very authentic and real.

She is such a great writer, and she never once made any of us feel less than great, either.

It was nice to hear that she edits the heck out of her writings…she’s actually human…who would have thought?!  That humility gave me hope that I can do this, too.”

Gary Johnson




Heather Carpenter“I’ve found confidence in the value of what I am offering.

After our first conversation I knew I needed to find a way to work with Jenna immediately.

Thanks to her I’m now more clear on where I want my business to go, who my ideal clients are, and what I need to do to get more clients and make more money.

Before working with Jenna I knew I needed someone to hold me accountable. I also knew I needed to get several major things done if my business had even a tiny chance of being successful. But I was SCARED. I was scared to take the chance, scared that Jenna would see how much I needed to do and tell me it was hopeless, scared of what being successful might mean.

But Jenna was so supportive and really believed in me. Everything about her is just honest. She always had my best interests in mind, even when she needed to give me tough love. Talking with her feels like having a conversation with a close friend, one whom I felt comfortable sharing my most sincere hopes, fears, and dreams with for my business and life.

Since we started working together, I have achieved one very huge task–getting my website live with an honest about me page that feels true to me. Also, I’ve found clarity in what I want to do and who I want to serve. I’ve laid the foundation for my services and pricing. 

One of the best parts about working with Jenna was that she met me where I was at and then she broke down where I wanted to be into little, not so scary tasks. It gave me something small and specific to work on, and gave me little successes along the way that kept me going.

I would absolutely recommend Jenna to anyone looking for help to build their business from scratch or grow their existing business. I could shout it from the rooftops! I would recommend her to anyone who is motivated to take action, even if they don’t know what kind of action they need to take. Actually, especially if they don’t know what the steps they need to take are because she’s great at providing guidance and direction to figure out those steps.

If you’re thinking of working with Jenna, do it. She’s a builder of confidence, a motivator supreme, and a business grower who can and will help you build your dream business.”

Heather Carpenter, Photographer |




Susan Ferraro“After only a few sessions I felt completely free and confident!

Before working with Jenna I felt so stuck and trapped – I was having a hard time getting my business going and I didn’t even really know why.

She helped me move through a block that was the key to gaining clarity as well. Jenna is a wonderful listener, wise beyond her years, very non-judgmental, and she always made me feel that she was on my side.

Even though she pushed me outside my comfort zone, I always felt like she had my best interest at heart.

Before working with Jenna, I was so torn between two avenues but once the confidence issue was lifted, and she helped me see who it was I wanted to help, everything became crystal clear. It became easier and fun again!

I would absolutely recommend Jenna to other entrepreneurs – I already have! I would recommend her because confidence is essential to success and sometimes you just need someone to tell you that it’s ok to go for it. If someone was looking to work with Jenna I would tell them to not under estimate her! She’s a super sweet, tiny little thing who can and will kick some serious ass!”

Susan Ferraro, Manifestation Coach |




dana_machacek_ii.png“I was able to take away points that were relevant for me specifically, not just hypothetically or “generally speaking”.

After working with Jenna I was able to take some solid first steps in my coaching business. 

Working with her one-on-one during the group coaching calls in her Dream Clients, Dream Offerings Clarity course was invaluable for me. It totally paid off to have a couple minutes of direct, moment-to-moment feedback on my specific situation with her.

Thanks to Jenna I was able to narrow down my target market into something more articulate and specific than “creative women” or “ambitious women”. I had done a number of “ideal client” worksheets before but hadn’t been able to hone in so much on my target market by myself.

Having the opportunity to speak with Jenna directly about my specific business was invaluable for me.

For me personally, because I’ve done what feels like so many ideal client exercises before, I needed something more than just another worksheet or just another fillable PDF. I wasn’t getting traction with those types of worksheets before, so getting clarity via direct feedback from Jenna was the best part of taking her Dream Clients, Dream Offerings course.

I would recommend working with Jenna to others. This course in particular feels like a great fit for people who are either just starting out in their coaching business or people who have been coaching for a while but aren’t seeming to gain any traction or growth in their business. I really enjoyed it.”

Dana Machacek, Director of Operations at Martycultural Inc.  |




Marilee Sears“After working with Jenna, I feel like I’m really clear about the steps I need to take each day to make my business successful and I know that I can do it.

Jenna is completely sincere and genuine. I know that I can trust her because she always has my best interest at heart.

I love working with her because I felt comfortable sharing my stuckage – I never felt judged, yet she also called me on it and didn’t let me off the hook!

I would recommend Jenna to anyone that is starting out in their business (or has been in business awhile, yet is floundering).

She’s awesome at creating clear, actionable next steps and she’s super supportive every step of the way.

If you’re interested in working with Jenna you should know she’s a go-getter! Her clients need to be ready to take action because she will call them on it if they are just treading water. But she does it in a very nice way and is always super supportive.

I think she’s fantastic when working with new business owners because she’s kind yet direct and firm. I loved getting the chance to work with her.”

Marilee Sears, Marketing Coach for Dentists |




TeriSmart“Jenna’s simple suggestions were really helpful and I feel confident that I have what I need to make my business work.

After working with Jenna I’ve become more clear on the direction I want to take my business and I feel like I can actually move forward.

She helped me to identify some key challenges that were holding me back. She also helped me to think of ways I can resolve those challenges and she gave me the tools I need to keep moving forward if I get stuck again – which has already happened. I got stuck but I used her tools and it really helped!

I would recommend Jenna to anyone who’s feeling unsure or unclear about the direction they’re heading – someone who feels like they’re missing something.

Jenna helped me to think in a way I’d never have been able to do on my own and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

Teri Smart, Copwriter & Editor |




Jen 10_21“Working with Jenna in the Dream Clients, Dream Offerings Clarity course gave me so much clarity and excitement about the type of person I want to work with.

After working with her I got motivated to actually go find out what problems my target market might have, I wouldn’t have done that without that prompting.

One of the best parts about the course was that I really got in touch with my dream client. I felt it in my body. I could feel how excited I would be to work with that person.

I also got a lot out of being able to work with Jenna one-on-one during the group coaching call.

I would definitely recommend this to other coaches who need help figuring out who they want to work with. This really was helpful for me and I’m glad I signed up.”

 Jen Picicci, Food & Body Image Coach |




AlisonMonday“I made so much more emotional and mental progress with one 15 minute call with Jenna than I have with an entire month of 60 minute weekly therapy sessions.

Immediately after our session, I felt a zap of energy and motivation to tackle any task that needed to get done. When I sat down to do my homework that Jenna suggested, I had some personal breakthroughs because it forced me to think about the real reason I felt the way I did.

I love that Jenna is passionate about what she does and truly wanted to help me. I could tell she was listening and really getting to the core of what was bothering me and holding me back.

I would recommend Jenna, and have recommended her to any woman I know. I loved working with her.”

Alison Monday, Web Guru – Design, Development + Site Security |




LeanneMichie“Jenna helped make my overwhelming to-do list less daunting.

Jenna is so open, welcoming and kind. But best of all, she’s great at calling you on your shit, which even some of our closest friends can’t.

Even when she was asking those tough questions, which can be scary, she does it in a loving and open manner; making you feel like you have a comrade in your quest as opposed to being on your own.

Although I didn’t know what to expect when I started with Jenna, I had enough wits about me to realize I wasn’t getting anywhere on my own, and maybe I needed another approach. Jenna was a delightful surprise right from the first session!

She was terrific at helping me search for the root of the issue, as opposed to getting stuck on the symptoms. Not only that, she is great at identifying the key issues to work on.

I will undoubtedly be calling her for future sessions.”

Leanne Michie, Green Workplace Consultant




LeesaGravatar“Jenna’s Dream Clients, Dream Offerings Clarity course helped me “tease out” and organize – and in the process, actually clarify and solidify – who my dream clients are.

The workbooks were a great method of actually documenting, in a logical way, many of my previous brainstorming ideas.

I also loved having multiple learning methods – videos, mp3s & workbooks – so I could choose to watch or listen, in addition to writing down answers.

And I appreciate being able to download everything, including the videos so I can keep going back to them whenever I want. 

I would recommend this workshop because it’s very thorough and has a flow that allows you to keep building and moving forward as you go.”

Leesa Kilch, Nutrition Coach |




LuzGarciaPennock“Jenna has a gift at quickly uncovering where people are stuck and helping them step outside their comfort zone so they can grow and make big things happen.

After only fifteen minutes with Jenna, I’ve realized that I need to make a daily habit of stepping outside my comfort zone to be able to take advantage of opportunities – opportunities Jenna pointed out that I didn’t realize were there all along – and to be able to grow my business.

With Jenna’s guidance, I’ve asked a current client for the opportunity to do more business with them and, as a result I’ve landed a contract to do more workshops with them. Jenna also encouraged me to reach out to 10 companies I want to work with and, with her support I’ve started to reach out to these companies to land more clients.

Jenna is a great strategist. She asked me great questions that peeled the onion of my situation to help me see the big picture. She uncovered where I was stuck and helped me move outside my comfort zone to take big steps forward.

I would recommend Jenna to women who need to grow in their life and business. Women who need feedback, guidance and a big boost to thrive. Her follow-up is quick and her customer service is amazing.”

Luz Garcia-Pennock, Workforce Engagement Specialist and Trainer




EkeneOnu“One session with Jenna was like a hug, a lesson and an action plan all rolled into one.

You can sense her compassion and genuine concern for people. She has incredible insight. In just one session, she was able to call out the one major mind-block I have had and been holding on to.

She held up the mirror I needed and talked me through how to change the things I didn’t like.

I would highly recommend Jenna to any one who needs to change their life or just needs a quick shot of confidence.”

Ekene Onu |




SuziIstvan“After one phone call with Jenna, I completely changed the way I look at myself and my business.

Jenna has a beautiful, gentle, and effective way of helping you see obstacles that you didn’t even realize you were putting in your own way and urging you to bust through them. Jenna is so special and I can’t wait to work with her again.”

Suzi Istvan, WordPress Website Designer & Developer |




JamieVillarrealheadshot“Jenna is patient, accessible, an awesome listener, and she truly cares about the people she works with.

With Jenna’s help, I’ve made positive shifts in my business in the past few weeks. I’m getting more comfortable putting myself out there and owning my awesomeness.

I’m getting even more comfortable with my sales process and asking for the sale. I love the way Jenna approaches everything I want to talk about and by asking me the right questions, it helps me realize that I have a lot of the answers already. I just need a little help pulling them out.

My biggest hesitation when deciding to work with Jenna was that I was worried I wouldn’t connect with her and that I would be judged. But she’s patient, accessible, an awesome listener, and she truly cares about the people she works with.

I would recommend Jenna to anyone who’s struggling with not feeling confident about building their business. Working with her has been a blessing.”

Jamie Villarreal, Social Media Strategist |




Reba Charleston“I like how Jenna understood what my challenges were, and quickly responded with ways to help.

For instance, when I mentioned wanting help learning how to develop online programs, she immediately sent resources my way, and continued to follow up with additional resources over a week after our conversation.

I felt very comfortable with Jenna’s persona and professionalism. She also helped strengthen my confidence. After working with her I know that I do have what it takes to offer my services to people who are my ideal clients.

I would definitely recommend Jenna to other health and wellness coaches. If you’re thinking of working with Jenna, you should know that she cares about you getting results so you should be serious about taking action before you decide to work with her. I appreciate everything she’s done for me.”

Reba Charleston, Wellness Coach & Trainer |




Alyona“Jenna has great energy. She’s kind, gentle, positive, and she cares.

She really wants to help her clients and everyone she comes across and you can see it just from the way she talks, writes and listens.

I love that after our session she gave me specific, actionable steps that could help me move forward in my business. And not only this, but she followed-up and asked me how it went and thus she kept me accountable.

I would definitely recommend Jenna to other entrepreneurs and small business owners, especially ones who are a little bit shy because I know they would feel completely comfortable working with Jenna.”

Alyona Stavrova, Personal Trainer and Nutritional Coach |




JoaneCajuste“I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to get out of working with Jenna. I honestly thought it might be a waste of time. But she totally blew me away.

As a result of working with her I feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders in terms of what direction I want to take my health coaching practice.

Jenna is a great listener and I would absolutely recommend her to others struggling to find their voice in their business.”

Joane Cajuste, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach |




Elissa Bluth“After only one session with Jenna, she helped me get to the source of the problem and figure out what I needed to do to get and stay on track.

I’m now more focused and feel less guilty.

I was worried that I’d be criticized the whole session but Jenna focused on what I could do right, not what I was doing wrong.

Deep down you might know what needs to be done but you need Jenna, a voice of reason to pull it out of you and remind you to follow through.”

Elissa Bluth, Nutritionist |





“With Jenna you really do shine. She is honest, direct, and leaves a clearing for you to be successful.

The beauty of her concise leadership is the tailored fit for success she provides through her action-oriented steps.

I believe in taking what works and leaving out what doesn’t, which she emphasizes making her real and relatable.”

Sandy Galiano, Author + Creative Anthropologist + Speaker |