You don’t know which one to choose.

You wanna get a blog post up this week and you have two (or more) good ideas.

Ideas that you’re pretty sure your audience will wanna dive into.

Which one is the right choice?

How do you know you’re going to pick the one that people will love (and want to comment on and share)?

They’re both good ideas – ideas worth talking about – so which one do you choose?

Well there are some more obvious reasons to pick one idea over another…

The Completely Clear Reasons To Pick One Idea Over Another

  • It’s a popular topic on someone else’s blog.
  • Your audience is asking you to write about it.
  • It’s a big pain-point or problem for your audience.
  • You’re an expert on the topic so you can really help people if you write about it.
  • It’s relevant right now, but it might not be in a month or so. (You usually want to focus on creating content that’s evergreen (i.e., it’s not going out of style any time soon) so it’s helpful for a long time. But sometimes it makes sense to write about something current – like the best new WordPress plugins released this month).
  • No one else is talking about it the way that you want to talk about it and it’s super important that you get your voice heard because you have something valuable to share.

And it might feel like “Okay. This is good. I can make my decision using these pointers. Problem solved!”

But what if both of your ideas hit at least one of those points?

How do you make a decision then?

It’s not about one idea being better than the other. They’re both really good.

It’s more about what you should pick to write about right now (as in today, Sparky).

And that’s where the Anti-Decide-O-Phobia Strategy comes into play.

It’s the not-so-obvious reason you should pick one idea over another.

Little backstory…

I named it the Anti-Decide-O-Phobia Strategy because I like to joke that my hubs (AKA husband) has decide-o-phobia.

Sometimes he has a tough time making decisions.

I don’t blame him.

The fear of making the wrong choice is a doozy – especially when there are other people to think about.

When we went on a vacation to New York about a year ago he checked out dozens and dozens of hotels before picking the one we booked (which was great and had a great price so his quirk does pay off sometimes – even if it sometimes takes extra wiggle room for planning time!)

So I thought it’d be a great idea to seek out a solution to his (and lots of other people’s) decide-o-phobia so that lots of choices that feel hard, stop feeling so darn hard.

In walks the…

The Anti-Decide-O-Phobia Strategy

It’s simple, really.

You don’t pick between the two (or more) ideas.

You choose both.

Of course you can’t choose both at the same time.

Sometimes ya gotta pick just one.

Like who you’ll marry (unless you’re cool with the whole group marriage thing), what you’ll eat for lunch today, and whether you’re gonna get the black shoes or the candy apple red shoes.

But the beauty is that, for most decisions, you can pick one option now, and follow-through on the other option later.

So instead of wasting time trying to figure out what idea you should write about and which one you should ditch, write a post on the one idea this week and a post on the other idea next week.

This will help you make faster decisions because instead of an or, it’s an and.

You’ll write about both of them eventually so just start writing about one right now.

It doesn’t matter what order you put them in (unless you’re in the middle of a launch – but that’s a whole other story for another time).

Just write about one now, and one later.


Problem solved.

Now you can stop thinking about it and start writing.

The Unexpected (Delightfully Awesome) Side Effect

The especially cool thing about not getting stuck trying to find the perfect idea and just writing about a lot of different ideas that you think your audience will love, is that you’re gonna get some great feedback.

If you’re always focused on writing about things that are popular on other blogs, or things that are huge pain points (without tackling the more minor but still really annoying irritants), or ideas that you’ve researched like crazy to make sure it’s the perfect choice, you’ll miss out on some potentially awesome insights.

But if you write about different ideas that you have an inkling are good, over time you’ll get more and more feedback about what kinds of topics your audience grabs onto and which ones you can ditch.

And this is important to think about because it’s not always obvious.

It’s not always clear that you’re making a blog-altering decision at the time until it’s out there.

So making a bad decision and picking a topic that doesn’t really fly from time-to-time is okay.

It means you’re making progress instead of staying stuck trying to pick the perfect idea in the first place and never getting anywhere.

It means you’re learning more about your audience and what they want to read – instead of trying to get that totally figured out before you even write a single word.

Make This Your Go-To Strategy

That’s why this should become the obvious strategy when you’re making the tough decision on what to blog about.

If you believe both ideas are good ideas then write about ’em both.

Because you probably won’t know which one is the great idea until after you press publish.

So get out of Decide-o-Phobia Land.

Don’t focus on or, go for and.

Not every blog post will be a slam dunk.

Not every idea will really resonate with your audience.

But the more you stop agonizing over always finding the perfect idea, the more likely you are to actually publish the idea that becomes perfect. The idea that gets you the massive amounts of comments and shares.

And the bonus is that when you’re not stuck hemming and hawing over which idea to run with, you get to save your energy for actually writing a great post.

So choose both.

Breathe a sigh of relief.

And get writing.


Big hugs,

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