Goal Setting

You’re ready to conquer 2015.

You’ve got big plans, big dreams, and you can’t wait to get started.

The only problem is you might be unknowingly sabotaging yourself if you’re setting goals the way that most people do.

You see, I recently learned a new way of setting goals that was ridiculously eye-opening.

I know I’ll never go back to the old way again because this is such a powerful way to keep making progress without worrying about feeling like a failure.

You’ve been there, right?

You set a goal – say you decide you want to make $2,500 this month in signature program sales.

You’re gung-ho, you’re doing the work, you think it’s gonna happen, but then the deadline hits and you fall short – you only make $1,500.

You feel pretty crappy, right?

Sure you did okay. But you didn’t reach your goal.

That’s why I love this way of setting goals – it doesn’t set you up to feel like a failure like traditional goal setting can.

So today, learn how to set goals that’ll set you up for success and allow you to appreciate the wins you’re achieving.

Put this plan into action

I’m a big fan of actually using stuff you’ve learned. So I’ve put together a one-page PDF to help you set your own Good, Better and Best Goals based on Todd Herman’s method.

Click here to download the Good Better Best Blueprint and get crackin’ on making some awesome progress – whether your plan is to double your email list, get 5 more clients, or make $10,000/month in sales, I’m confident this blueprint can help you get there.

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The secret to overcoming your goal-setting fears

Setting specific goals can be scary.

There are all these what-ifs…

“What if I don’t reach my goals?”

“What if I feel like a failure because I didn’t reach my goals?”

“What if I do everything in my power and I still don’t reach my goals?”

The good news is that setting Good, Better and Best Goals helps relieve the pressure.

You’re not focused on one specific number – there’s some flexibility.

However, you’re still keeping yourself accountable, and you’re still challenging yourself to reach that Best Goal.

And really, when you get down to it, setting and achieving your goals is actually not about reaching a certain number. It’s about making progress.

Any progress you make is good. Even if it’s a small amount of progress. Even if you don’t always reach that Best Goal.

So give yourself some flexibility.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect by reaching one specific goal. Give yourself a range that – if you fell somewhere in that range – you’d still be happy.

Conquer your 2015 goals

One thing that I’ve always found super helpful when I set goals is to share them with people.

Having that extra accountability – knowing that someone is counting on me to reach my goals – puts an even bigger fire in my belly to knock it outta the park.

So, I want you to pick one goal – one kinda scary, that-would-be-totally-amazing-if-I-reached-it goal. Then, in the comments below, tell what your Good, Better and Best targets are for that goal.

Maybe you want more email subscribers so your goal looks something like this, “By January 31st, I’ll have more email subscribers. My specific goals are: Good: 1,000 subscribers; Better: 2,000 subscribers; Best: 3,000 subscribers.”

Remember to use this 3-part recipe:

Be specific

If you set a vague goal you’re probably gonna have mediocre results because you’re not quite clear on what you’re aiming for. So be specific.

Make sure it’s measurable

Use numbers, percentages, anything that makes your goal measurable.

Put a date on it

Don’t get a case of the “somedays”. Decide on a due date for your goal.

Remember, you can achieve your goals in 2015. It’s all about making sure that you create an environment for yourself that makes it as easy as possible.

So get started today by declaring your Good, Better and Best goal below.

I can’t wait to hear from you, and cheer you along.


Lots of love,

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P.S. Make sure to grab your free PDF. Click here to download the Good Better Best Blueprint

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