This week I’m back for the second part of my three-part series where I’m on a mission to help you overcome common business-building challenges and obstacles. If you missed the first-part where we talked about not feeling “expert” enough, you can catch up by clicking here.

Today is my birthday! Happy Birthday to Me!! 🙂

Now, I’d love to get a gift from you. It’s nothing fancy. It costs nothing. And it’ll change your business forever.

What I want for my birthday is for you to feel really, really good about making really, really good money. Not “okay” with it. Not “fine” with it. I want you to feel freakin’ fantastic about it!

I want this because one of the things that I hear so often from my clients and my community is, “Am I really good enough to charge that much?”; “What if people see right through me and think that I’m a fraud?!”; “I don’t want to charge a lot to work with me because I don’t think people will pay for it. I’m not that good!”….

Sound familiar?

Money issues are a huge barrier for so many entrepreneurs. And charging more premium prices – AKA at least a half-decent rate that pays the rent and allows you to go on vacation from time-to-time – can be a super scary thing.

But here’s a new way of thinking about things that will allow you to feel good about charging more, without working more – it’s not about the hours you put in, it’s about the value you provide.

Think of it this way, what sounds more appealing?

3 hours of nutrition coaching with a certified coach??


A simple, easy-to-implement plan that’ll make you feel amazing, help you lose that muffin top, and bring a spark back in your step??

The first one is simply how you do what you do – the hours you put in. The second one is what you actually provide – the value of working with you.

Now, don’t you think you’d feel more confident about charging more (or anything!) if you focus more on the value you provide, then on the actual hours you put in? I think you would because you’ll appreciate what you’re actually giving your clients. It’s not about your time, it’s about the results and the underlying benefits of those results.

The nice part is that it’ll also be a heck of a lot easier to attract ideal clients when you focus on the valuable benefits of working with you, instead of the hours you give your clients.

When you can showcase that value, your potential clients will recognize that you don’t just provide hour-by-hour services. They’ll see that you can literally help change their life.

While this may seem obvious, and you may be thinking, “Don’t people already know that if they’re interested in working with me? Don’t they already know I can change their life?”

Well, yes and no.

They may think that there’s a possibility you can change their life, but when you put it out right in front of them and get specific, that’s when they go, “A-ha! That’s exactly what I’m looking for!”

And once they put two-and-two together, they don’t even really care how many sessions they get, or what’s involved, they’re simply pumped and ready to get that result and those amazing benefits.

To help you see more clearly what I’m getting at here, here’s an example from my own business…

My goal, with every client who works with me during my 3 month experience, is to help them get more clients. We work on their sales strategy, their branding, their communication strategy, their marketing strategy, and more. But at the end of the day, everything we do is for one very specific reason – to help them get more clients. Period.

Now, getting more clients isn’t an inherently good thing. You can’t take that to the bank. It’s the value that goes along with those 10 more clients that makes all that hard work worthwhile.

More confidence in yourself and your ability to really make it work.

More financial freedom to enjoy a comfy lifestyle.

More peace of mind knowing that you’re truly living your purpose and making the impact you’re meant to make.

More abundance knowing that you’re truly helping people change their lives and enjoying every second of it.

So, to showcase this value, I openly talk about it. I write this on my website. I talk about this with my potential clients during consultations. I don’t put a lot of emphasis on the amount of hours we’ll spend together, or the extras they’ll get. I focus on the value they’ll likely receive when they work with me.

That’s what gets them interested. And that’s how I feel really good about charging good money to work with me.

No, it’s not a ridiculously unreasonable amount. But it’s not chump-change either because I’m positive that when my clients work with me, and they do the work I ask them to do, they’ll get at least 10x what they paid in return. That’s how valuable my services are.

And that’s how valuable your services can be when you think of it in this way.

Now remember, this isn’t an excuse to charge clients out the wazoo. It’s a way for you to feel really good about what you give people, and charging at least a decent rate for that value.

This is such an important principle for you to fully embrace because…

People aren’t paying you for the hours you give them. They’re paying you for the value you provide.

So, work on getting rid of you money blocks once and for all by focusing on the value you provide, over the hours you put in.

Do you focus on pricing your services from a hourly perspective instead of based on the value you provide? Are you open to this new way of thinking? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

I’ll see you next week for the last post in our three part series on overcoming common business-building obstacles and challenges. We’re going to talk about the sales cycle and how you may be talking people out of buying from you – without even knowing it. Stay tuned!

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