Blog Comments.001It’s frustrating.

You spend hours, days, weeks crafting a blog post.

You know it’s helpful. You know you share some awesome tips.

You press publish.

But you don’t get any comments right away so you hit refresh. Then you hit refresh again. And again. And again.

Hours go by and you still don’t have any comments.

You check it again the next day, the day after, a week later… Still nothing.

What gives?

Why is no one commenting?

The thing is, it actually probably has nothing to do with your content.

You could write an amazing post and still not get any comments.

So today I’m spilling the beans on a key strategy you need to implement if you want to get some (or some more) comments on your blog.

Why should you want more blog comments anyways?

Comments are social proof.

They suggest that people other than your mom read your posts (high five! my mom reads my blog too!)

Comments also prove that what you’re saying resonates with your audience.

People don’t take the time to comment just because they’re bored. They do it because something in the post spoke to them and they wanted to let you know.

Also, chatting with people in your comments section gives you the opportunity to develop your relationships with them.

You can easily develop trust and come across as a credible expert by being helpful, honest and engaging in your comments section.

But how do you get more comments?

It can be tricky.

There’s no magic to getting more comments.

It’s not like you get 500 subscribers and suddenly your blog is bursting with comments.

Or that writing an epic post that’s incredibly helpful will automatically get you dozens of comments.

And it’s not even necessarily about asking people to comment at the end of your post. That’s usually just not enough of an incentive to get people to speak their minds.

So how do you get more comments?

Well. It’s all about connections.

You need to get friendly with your readers

…And not the kind of friendly Arnold Schwarzenegger got with his housekeeper! Let’s keep it P.G., my friend! 😉

While my blog is still relatively new (it’s been around just over 2 years now) I’ve noticed a trend. There are some posts that get more comments than others.

And it’s not necessarily posts that are rich in content, or ones that give away super valuable tips.

Yes, those posts can get some good comments going.

But I’ve realized that most of my posts that have lots of comments are the ones where I’m less focused on making the post go viral, and more focused on creating a connection with my community.

Yes, you need people actually reading your blog posts in order to get more comments. So you need to actually drive traffic to your blog.

Yes, you need to give your readers what they want and need in your blog posts. So you want to focus on solving problems, giving helpful advice, or uncovering interesting research findings.

But if you want more comments, the most important piece you need to keep in mind is that you have to work on creating a bond with your audience.

How do you create that connection?

The truth of the matter is you can have thousands of subscribers, bucketloads of social media followers, and the greatest blog post in the world, but if your audience doesn’t feel some sort of connection to you, they’re not gonna want to comment on your blog posts.

So how do you cultivate that connection?

It’s a two-step process…

Step One: Prove to your community that you actually want to connect with them. That you truly care about them.

Step Two: Use the Bob Levenson Approach to make each reader feel special, heard and – you guessed it – connected to you.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Prove to your community that you care about them

There are millions of blogs out there.


And some of those blogs were started for one reason, and one reason only – to make money.

Yes. There are people out there who couldn’t care less about their audience, they just want them to click on an ad, or buy a mediocre product so they can make money.

Now I know that’s not you.

You actually want to help people.

But the unfortunate truth is that you’re at a disadvantage because people have learned that they can’t just blindly trust anyone on the interwebs anymore.

People know that not everyone is kind, and not everyone is keeping their best interests at heart (even though I know you are).

So that means you need to work to earn their trust and prove to them that you’re someone who wants to (and can) help them.

The easiest way to do this?

Actually care.

Be helpful, kind and go out of your way to be there for your community.

Show up when people reach out to you – in emails, on social media, in person – and be your awesome, lovable, helpful self.

This isn’t something you can just fake ’til you make it.

In order to prove to your community that you actually care about them, you have to actually care about them.

And you have to show them you care.

So make a list of ways you can show your audience you care and start proving that you adore them.

Here are some ideas to get the juices flowing…

  • Be truly helpful in your blog posts. Don’t just write for writing’s sake. Think about what you could write about that could actually positively change someone’s life. Get over giving some of your best stuff away for free. Karma is awesome. And if you put your best effort in to help someone else – especially when you do it for free – that good juju is gonna come back around in the best way possible.
  • Respond to people who tweet out your stuff and thank them for sharing. Maybe you even want to return the favour and find something awesome that they’re doing or have done and tweet that out to your audience.
  • Reply to people who email you to tell you that they loved your latest post. Ask them if there’s a question they have that you could answer in an upcoming blog post.
  • When people do comment on your blog, respond as quickly as possible in a grateful manner. And if they ask a question, be even more helpful by giving them a thoughtful answer.
  • Create free offerings that prove to your community that you’re not messing around. You truly want to help them. Remember – good juju. It’s okay to give some of your best stuff away for free.

What other ways can you show you care? Write ’em down and start using them.

Step 2: Use the Bob Levenson Approach

Have you ever opened up an email or watched a video where the person said, “Hey everyone!”

Did you find yourself looking around and thinking, “I’m the only one here. Unless you count Mr. Sprinkles my cat. Why are you saying ‘everyone’?!”

Did you realize in that moment that you were just one of dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of people reading or watching that person’s stuff and suddenly you didn’t feel like such a special snowflake anymore?

Not a good feeling, right?

As Bernadette Jiwa so awesomely put it, “We are too busy, distracted, tired, wary, focused, selfish, savvy or [fill in your blank here], to care about something that’s for everyone.”

So don’t write for everyone.

Take a page out of the famous copywriter Bob Levenson’s book and write for someone instead.

When he talked about writing copy for Volkswagen ads he had this to say about his process, “I always started by writing Dear Charlie, like writing to a friend. And then I would say what I had to say, and at the end I would cross out Dear Charlie, and I was all right.”

I do something similar.

Whenever I write a blog post, email, sales page, anything, I think about who I’m writing it for. Not a group of people. One person.

I get a picture of them in my mind and then I start writing.

Sometimes it’s someone I know who’s on my email list. Maybe they sent me an email a couple weeks ago and I think about them when I write a blog post that answers a question they asked.

Or maybe it’s just the idea of a person. Someone I make up who represents the kind of reader I’d love to attract to that blog post.

Either way, I focus on that person. Get a picture of them in my mind. And write for them.

Not everyone.


That gives me the opportunity to create a connection-cultivating vibe.

It helps people feel special. Like I truly am just writing for them, and to them.

(Side note: I really love that phrase – “connection-cultivating vibe”. That totally resonates with me. That’s what I really want to create. How about you?)

Do not throw this away

Maybe you’ve heard about this before.

Maybe you’ve tried something like this before.

But have you really, truly embraced this?

Really, truly used this?

It’s such a simple tip that it’s easy to push it aside and work on the bigger, badder, more marketing-y stuff.

But this is marketing.

Connecting with your community is exactly what marketing is all about.

If you don’t have that connection, you’re not getting any comments, and you’re sure not getting any sales.

So don’t make the mistake of pushing this aside because it’s too basic.

It’s the basic stuff that usually matters the most.


Lots of love,

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