You Want Clear Steps to Craft Blog Posts that Attract More Clients. But You’re Thinking…



Jenna Dalton-About1“There are tons of amazing blogs out there. Sometimes I feel like why would anyone pay attention to me?”

“I want to blog, but then the fear creeps in. What will people think? What if they don’t like it? What would I write about? What do I know?”

“I have a tough time blogging regularly. It’s so start-stop-start-stop. I’m worried that I’m missing out on getting more readers because I’m so inconsistent.”

“What if I set this all up, put myself out there, and no one reads or shares my stuff?”

“Will I succeed in such a crowded market?”



And What You Really Want Is To…

  • Be wanted. Real bad. You want potential clients ready to sell their Ryan Gosling autographed edition of The Notebook just so they can work with you.
  • Feel confident and comfortable enough to put yourself out there – like really put yourself out there. It’s a scary thing to throw your arms up and say “This is me! Take it or leave it!” I want to help make it less terrifying.
  • Lounge in the splendour of knowing that people are paying attention to you. Like really, actually paying attention to you. Commenting. Subscribing. Sharing. You want it all. And right now that teeny email list and those one or two people who are consistently opening your emails just ain’t cutting it.
  • Make money. Yes. I get it. I too want to evict mediocrity from people’s lives and change the world, but let’s get something straight – making money is totally cool. It’s okay to want to go beyond mere existence and make enough money to never have to think about whether it’s worth the $2 to add the guacamole. I want you to just get the darn guacamole without a second’s hesitation. Heck, go for a double serving you big-spender, you!



The Thing Is, The Secret Shortcut to Success Isn’t So Secret…

After working with over 100 coaches and consultants who were craving more clients and cash, I realized that they were all missing something – a system.

You see, they all thought that marketing got them clients. But marketing doesn’t get you clients. It simply creates awareness about you and what you offer the world. It’s what you do with that awareness that gets you clients.

And if you’re just going around all willy-nilly-like trying random marketing tactics, confused about what to offer, unsure about who’s buying, and stuck with the paralyzing decision of whether it should be $97 or $99, you’ve got a problem on your hands.

A mucho annoying problem.

The truth is, growing a profitable online business takes a whole lotta smart-cookie training with a heaping side of heart and hustle.

And it’s all about the right kind of hustle.

And as someone who spent over a year trying all kinds of wrong hustle (that’s me!) I know what it’s like to feel like everything’s spinning out of control and you’re gonna go under any second now.

But then I got it together, built a waiting list of clients, doubled my email list, created online programs (that people actually bought!), and even got published on some big-gun blogging and marketing sites like Boost Blog Traffic, LKR Social Media, Basic Blog TipsDuct Tape Marketing, Successful Blogging, and more.



Here’s How I Can Help You Get More Clients…

As bestselling author Bernadette Jiwa said…

“Don’t just work out how to wave your arms at the masses. Build something just for the people who matter.”

I’m Jenna Dalton and I’m here to help you build something that matters for the people who matter.

(Do you also suddenly feel like you’re in a Marketers Anonymous meeting? Or is that just me?)

I’m an Elite Level Book Yourself Solid® Certified coach.

I’ve been personally trained by Jon Morrow (former assistant editor at Copyblogger), Glen Long (current managing editor at Boost Blog Traffic), and Michael Port (creator of Book Yourself Solid®).

I’ve used blogging to grow my business for about two years now, I read marketing and business books for fun, and I solemnly swear to only share tips and tools that I’ve personally used and experimented with. Not just regurgitate gobbly-gook business blah that may or may not work.

But enough about me…

We’re here for you.

You want to know how to craft content that’s so compelling your grandma would sell her last cute cat apron just to spend an hour working with you.

And that’s exactly what I’ll help you do.

If you’d like to reach more of the people who matter, get more clients, grow your business, and save more people from mediocre lives (when you know you can help bedazzle their future if only they’d pay attention to you), then sign up to get my free video and email updates – I’ll show you how to craft blog posts that are share-worthy (even if you’re not a good writer).

Remember – what you have to say matters. It’s your job to get it out there in a big way. It’s my job to help you.

Want a Free Video to Help You Write Blog Posts That People Want to Read & Share?


“Jenna is generous, sincere, and a big action-taker who isn’t afraid to dream big, and encourage her clients to do the same. I’m confident she can help you get as many clients as your heart desires.”

– Michael Port, New York Times Bestselling Author and creator of Book Yourself Solid®


The Personal Bits…

When I was a kid I told my Dad that one day I’d write a New York Times Bestseller and give him a million dollars.

It’s safe to say that I’m not one to dream small.

Jenna Dalton-About3After graduating with an Honours Degree in Psychology (yup – I was the nerdy one with the 3.8 GPA who still managed to never miss a Thursday night at the university pub. It was called The Den. How quaint!), I discovered a passion for health and wellness. So I started up my own personal training and nutrition coaching business.

Then one day I met Michael Port – a “marketing guru” as the Wall Street Journal called him.

After working with him for a couple months to build my business he said, “I think you should become a Certified Book Yourself Solid® Coach. I think you’d be great at it.”

So I did. And I’ve been told that I am.

Although I’m not one to work from 5am-10pm and let my business take over my life.

A few years ago I suddenly lost my brother-in-law and my grandmother. Then my mom was diagnosed with cancer. This all happened in a few short months.

It changed me. Ultimately for the better.

I had one of those “life is painfully short” moments and realized that I couldn’t bare the thought of people having nothing to say at my funeral other than, “She loved to work on her business.”

So outside the Lululemon-clad days of entrepreneurship, I adore lifting heavy things, hiking up mountains just to see if I’m still afraid of heights (Yup. Still am!), and jumping on beds with my 8 nieces and nephews (but maybe not with all of us on the bed at once…)

And if you should know anything else about me, it’s this: I’m a “the glass is totally full” kinda girl, who is keen on sarcasm, and drinks enough tea to put the Queen of England to shame.

And if I know anything about you, it’s that you’ll probably enjoy these posts I wrote for you…

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Dive in. Enjoy.

And please feel free to drop me a line anytime you have a question about blogging or marketing that I could help you with in a future blog post (or because you want to discuss how awesome Kevin Spacey is on House of Cards. As a woman who went to school to become an actress – story for another time – I cherish great acting.)

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“Jenna is the real deal. Literally. She’s smart, kind and business-savvy.”

– Dennisse Lisseth, Business Strategist and Holistic Health Advocate